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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2011 3:01pm-3:31pm EST

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or it's midnight here in moscow welcome if you just joined us my name's kevin owen you're watching our in our top story for you a rand world backed down from its nuclear program in the face of any new sanctions that's according to the country's president to iran denied it was developing atomic weapons as suggested in the latest report by the international nuclear watchdog a few days ago israel spoke of potential military action against iran raising fears the i.a.e.a. is findings could be a pretext to an attack artie's garnishee cannes been looking into the case. the u.s. and friends called for a meeting of the u.n. security council to discuss the possibility of imposing a new round of sanctions on iran washington and european and some european leaders would ideally want to impose crippling economic sanctions sanctions that would further isolate iran but we know that two of the permanent members of the u.n. security council that is russia and china have made it clear that they don't want
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to cripple the uranium economy and that they say further isolating iran would be counterproductive for example russia so for a deputy foreign minister said eighty additional sanctions on iran would. would be perceived by the international community as an instrument for regime change in tehran the statement itself indicates how opposed russia is to tougher sanctions against iran instead russia put forward an offer which is still on the table and that is for iran to fully cooperate on inspections and to prove that what they say about the civilian purpose of their nuclear research is true and is not a cover up for war for a weapons program and in return the international community would be ready to consider lifting sanctions and that's the offer which is still standing iran's says they won't back off from developing nuclear technologies tensions are really high israel was hinting that they are gearing towards preemptive towards
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a preemptive strike washington said all options are on the table but despite tough rhetoric coming from both israel and the u.s. many agree that washington in tel aviv are most likely to use the report as political leverage to try and isolate iran and possibly to put a dent you know in flourishing economic relations with china the u.n. nuclear watchdog report itself does not reveal a smoking gun but it sure hyped up fears that iran continues research on nuclear weapons the agency says its report is based on the intelligence gathered by a number of countries including the united states but the u.s. intelligence has a history of presenting false evidence. back in two thousand and three to make a case for the war in iraq it presented evidence that seemed so very solid at the time but turned out to be a hoax with all this in mind analysts say the international community have to be careful as to how they interpret the evidence presented in the latest report on iran's nuclear program the question many now ask is could the un's atomic watched
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awkward poured serve as a justification to start a war with iran but security experts say the consequences to such action would be catastrophic going on there a correspondent in a row earlier i spoke to some of the very heart of the growing tension earlier sco show today the arabian ambassador to the international atomic energy agency he told me he believes many simply don't understand just how far corroborates with the un's nuclear watchdog. this report is not professional and not balanced and is with political motivation and under political pressure by us and couple of the western countries this report has an annex of fifteen pages of the allegations and the materials which were handed over only last week to us in the company should man there read the temp pages of the report of director general which says that all activities including a retread are continuously on there to safeguard inspection the only second part
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which is the annex is about the american allegation the important thing is that we are party to n.p.t. all activities are on there are they i. and we have had even hundreds of snapshot short visit unannounced inspections this is great and we two months ago invited the pretty director general of i.a.e.a. to even visit the r. and d. of scientific richmond can you give me any example that any respect or have been permitted to any certainty with your rich men in any other part of the war. speaks to me there but earlier in the program political analyst chris bambery believes spy ganging up on iran the west and israel may well push her around to consider creating nuclear weapons even if it hasn't before. british foreign secretary tonight threatened strong measures against iran and the white of this report and his french counterpart did the same i'm still waiting to hear the british threatening strong measures against israel who just the other week tested
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a boys think missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads israel has a weak all you could program which was kept secret and which benjamin netanyahu and so benjamin netanyahu still will not reveal we know the britain and france many years ago provided you really really rich are really into for that for that program in c. in secret meanwhile israel has also carried out an operation using an airbase unsolved in your seeing if it's warplanes can go in there and come back in preparation for an attack on iran and why nato is allowing israel to use its base in sardinia for this purpose i don't know perhaps what you here could explain but instead we have the power which has used weapons america britain which is currently replacing its nuclear weapons trident and israel with its illegal and a secret nuclear program and a country which has said it would use nuclear weapons if it was an facing defeat in
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a war with one of those arab states ganging up against the run this report does not say in any way that or in iran is developing nuclear weapons but they are going up and i think the danger is that if if iran is not creating nuclear weapons it may well do saw in response to the continuing war drums been breached in western capitals and then enter tel aviv chris bambery thousands of student demonstrators have marched on central london venting their anger over education cuts a tripling of tuition fees around twenty campaigners were arrested but there was no repeat of the violent scenes witnessed on the streets of a similar demo a year ago artes of a bennett reports. how to speak there were over two thousand protesters here marching through central london with students coming from universities all over britain some as far afield as scotland even to join in the demonstration they were campaigning here against two things firstly the hike in choice and freeze for
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university students so we charge next year treble what they being charged now so up to nine thousand pounds per year to attend the british university and secondly against education cuts that are being proposed by the government that could see if you case accepted private providers for the first time the able to offer degrees now the students are saying that is big business profiting from their education and that's what they're angry about with a lot of placards with a slogan saying our education not their business i did catch up with some of the protesters and this is what they had to say education cuts don't ever heal i mean this is something we eat we really need the government to do because they're buying up a whole generation of working class students from going to university just want to portable so that they have a listen now to basically say please try we're doing whatever we can we just ask you please just stop what you're doing and revive the trade maybe even they got misunderstanding money on the people rather than themselves the name it and the whole reason why this is happening is not all and that's great i just want to make
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sure the government knows that they said that i know that things are. the demonstration was very tightly controlled with four thousand police lining the streets preventing any protesters from breaking free from the maps out and planned out routes now since stark contrast to last year when. barely two hundred fifty offices were overwhelmed by protesters and there's a lot of destruction to buildings vandalism and violence now to free and that for the first time ever the police did actually free authorize the use of plastic bullets at a preplanned march on mainland u.k. now to some including chris nineham from the coalition for resistance this was an aggressive unnecessary provocation. people have all sorts of political views and i was under the impression that that was allowed in this country. what the announcement that was made to the incredibly provocative announcement that was made that there's going to be rubber bullets in preparation for this demonstration is absolutely outrageous i mean if anything is likely to increase the level of tension
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and increase that the level of distrust and the level of fear actually of the police it would have been that there were a few minor flashpoints today as protesters hold bricks and sticks at offices but the police did deal with that very quickly keeping the protesters hemmed in in a very small area and only twenty arrests were made. of a better reporting from central london for us. it's the end of an era for italy is prime minister silvio berlusconi declares that he's throwing in the towel after a scandal ridden decade in power his promise resignation comes with a precondition though the parliament passes a series of budget cuts to keep it sinking economy afloat our correspondent sara firth as moral while all this means for the embattled country right now. we've seen a lot of concern today that it's least the latest eurozone country to be sucked into a death spiral from which there might be a neighbor turn now we saw it's these boring calls pass that seven percent
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threshold that's extremely significant because that was the trigger point which we saw countries searches ireland portugal and greece when they passed it have to then ask for emergency bell assistance from the usa and the i.m.f. now is to say significant because it's the point at which investors have their risk threshold and start to look at countries such as this really with a very large debt and ask with interest rates that sort of level whether or not the country is going to be able to pay back what it is and investors will then stop lending and that would be absolutely disastrous for a country such as italy with such an extortionate debt level at the moment we see the situation develop today extremely unprecedented rate really the year is a quite a spreading from one country to the next from the financial situation to a political situation of course it's really has been a different now we know prime minister berlusconi has said that he's going to step
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down once a budget reforms have been passed he said he has no the plans to stand for elections that she said he called for elections in february and he also put the name forward angeleno al found that someone who was quite close to berlusconi in his government was the minister of justice of course is uncertain exactly what is going to happen because the decision about when if elections are going to be held doesn't lie with prime minister berlusconi and lies to the italian president and he's yet to come out and say exactly what his plans are whether they'll be elections or possibly some kind of interim government of course we need to remember is that an interim government at this point too early elections is absolutely no certainty that they're going to be able to push these necessary measures through that of course such a problem. in the first place and this is really what causes a much concern amongst the marketplace this is where italy has the political will to push through these measures and it was being very very clear today if the new
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government and how and when that will be formed is not going to be a quick fix solution to the very critical situation. it is economic problems didn't start with a crisis so the country's been in a state of virtual economic stagnation ever since i joined the euro zone and polar a phone founder of the policy and development sippy foundation places much the blame on the trade policies certainly what we see on the financial ground is the effect of a very strong speculative movement that is going on now for several months over the child in the economy and the child in the state to g.d.p. ratio was unsustainable in fact the problem of italy ease of course debt but the major one is no growth the absence of growth which is imposed by the policies that european labor and the most of the german positions on how to handle
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the monetary union this is causing a total them balance in the country i think we are edging towards a very dangerous area which of course will look create an impossible situation in the stock market the effect of this would be the collapse of the system but this would create a culture in the country instead of a solution. now some other news we're getting in from around the world and that reports of an earthquake in eastern turkey in which a number of buildings have collapsed the strong tremor registered five point seven magnitude it follows another in the east of the country so the wrong picture is there at least the country a fortnight ago which killed at least six hundred and caused huge damage leaving many homeless so we have all these holes in the snow of course bring you up to date in greece talks about forming a new government appear to be deadlocked despite the prime minister's earlier statements that politicians have finally reached an agreement george perper
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dreyer's delivered a farewell speech to the nation but has neither of fifty resigned all neighbors successor all the talks are now going into a fourth day the set to continue on tuesday this comes after weeks of political chaos that's put greek membership of the euro in jeopardy. violence is approaching once again in syria with civilians reportedly coming under fire from police after thousands took to the streets this video you're watching here amateur footage released by a group of pose to the group of president assad that allegedly shows military forces crashing down on demonstrations have been taking place in the northwest of the country all activists telling us that more than one hundred people have been killed in the region in the last week. nato peacekeepers have used tear gas to take control of one of the barricades in northern kosovo that's been built by local serbs several months ago an ongoing border dispute there but the success for the k. four troops was very short lived because the new block was put up further down the road shortly afterwards the crackdown comes just days after the head of the un drew attention to the increasing number of attacks on serbs living in northern kosovo
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political analyst alexander public believes there's a bigger picture to behind nato as actions in serbia. they've been doing it for years now and they've broken their mandate actually they're doing the job of the albanian control government in prishtina and they're doing it openly in spite of their mandate from the un which is supposed to be a peacekeeping mandate as you said to keep to the warring sides separated this is an aggressive show of force i mean they're acting like an occupier he said peacekeepers they're behind the crisis in greece they're behind a crisis in iran what we're seeing right now is the sawing of the new world disorder and serbia is one of the flashpoints. while it is correspondent lectures yes he's visited the region to tell a bit deeper into the causes behind the ongoing tension for us this is his report. that. perhaps not an obvious venue for a wedding but this serbian couple living in northern ca civil decided to get
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married at the barricades and need to buckle up we're going to do this here and does no do it who would invent. this is distressing. this are barricades in northern kosovo have been standing for several months now for those who built them there are just a part of everyday life not only have the kosovo serbs isolated themselves from the case for troops but also from their unwanted neighbors this is the famous bridge in which splits the town into serbian and albanian parts it was called the bridge of friendship and was meant to symbolize that the two can easily live together but the size of the barricades on the serbian part tells the whole story of how serbs are unwilling to be part of the self-proclaimed state while the cemented barricades in the middle of it so have become the town's main gathering spot tensions are still running high just a few kilometers. for every sound to call the case for troops managed to
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demolish serbs built piles there are times when the two pro sisters take place. and. people like you see. the. serbs say they have no choice but to continue barricading themselves in they believe albanians would not hesitate to wipe them off their land forcefully help they believe by k. for troops despite constant clashes with a nato contingent and political pressure from belgrade because civil servants have become accustomed to living in this cage they have built for themselves. it was hard at first when we run out of food and petrol but we serbs are people who used to improvise. in finding a way out we've built alternative routes through the mountains so now we can again receive supplies we prevented
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a humanitarian catastrophe. the orthodox priest of the town's brand new temple sat he has never been busier with all the people flocking in lately to pray for the well being of their families. closer to his sin different hard times even being up at my bed turkey ones but our moralist series with stewed all heart tests of times and everyone and make sure that it's a nurse this land is the cradle of the serb culture and statehood. another deadlock in this balkan melting pot continues belgrade is still unwilling to resume negotiations with pristina which could put great to the standoff but while politicians clash this sort of family has little trust in diplomacy their kids may be too young to realize what it's all about and why they are being shown the barriers but there is little doubt what views they will inherit once they grow up looksee russia ski r.t. reporting from cost. in kosovo. look at america's
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mideast policy michael scheuer former cia officer whose responsibilities have included dealing with his views about that very matter. were sitting down with michael scheuer the man who had served in the cia for more
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than twenty years up until two thousand and four at one time he was the chief of the cia unit then he went and exposed how counter. washington's methods were in the fight against terror he looked at the u.s. through its enemies it's the title of one of his books called. our enemies i am very pleased to have the chance to thank you i'm glad to be here bin laden is gone . washington's number one enemy now washington's enemy is an enemy that doesn't exist we're fighting and make enemy that washington believes is out to kill us because we have elections because we are free because we have women in the workplace is an enemy that doesn't exist to didn't exist when bin laden was alive it doesn't exist now america is being attacked because of its foreign policy in the in the muslim world because of its support for israel because of its support for the saudi police state because of its presence on the arab peninsula and is. real
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itself as a country is not the problem the real problem marge is the leaders of the jewish american community in the united states who influence and corrupt our congress to support israel when we have no interest there imply that these three lobby is dragging the united states into the wars in africa little plates they're absolutely dragging this in iraq was a war that was proffered was called for mainly and let me ask you this the situation in the region in the wake of all these revolutions in the middle east and north africa if you can pretty much describe it as turmoil turmoil is no good for israel isn't there a contradiction to what you're saying well the the american political establishment is caught between two things they're extremely put pro israel and they're almost marxist in their belief that democracy in the spread of democracy is inevitable in all places and all peoples at all times and so they need to protect the israelis but they can't say what is a reality for example there is not going to be
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a democracy in tunisia or or or libya or egypt that in any way resembles democracy in the west and yet they what they've done is create anarchy they've created a situation where the only beneficiaries are the islamists the guns that have flown out of egypt out of tunisia out of libya to the islamists have been enormous in their value and the prisons that were opened in egypt tunisia and libya have reinforced the islamist groups across the world are you saying we're going to see further radicalization of the region always specially in africa yes ma'am the guns that are flowing out of the three places where there were arab spring revolts are going to cause problems in somalia across north africa and in nigeria if the region becomes a complete mess doesn't see any dangers to israel i mean with iran involved it won't be pretty i think that's exactly right ma'am i don't know what the thinking
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is accept that. they have come down in on the belief that democracy is better for everybody in the truth is american and western foreign policy interests in the middle east have depended for fifty years on the maintenance of tyranny tyranny their pregame us access to oil tyranny that protected israel and in the last twenty years tyrannies that persecuted islamists to protect us all of that is going by the wayside and to the israelis credit the israelis are the only ones who have stood up and said democracy may not be very good for our security and they couldn't be more correct it seems the us is almost creating groundsel for terrorist to search and then goes out fighting that we see it in pakistan they got the whole nation alienated because of the strikes a lot of people want revenge how efficient is that we are very efficient in this day and age in the last twenty years in creating enemies how many times have we heard mr clinton mr bush mr obama say this has nothing to do with religion this is
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not a religious war this is a bunch of people who are just mad men we are definitely fighting a religious war and until we come to realize that we are never going to be able to defeat it in fact we're we're encouraging the growth of the next of a new generation of people who are going to fight us the u.s. is pulling its troops out of iraq but at the same time it's boosting its military presence in the persian gulf more ground troops are pledged to be deployed new bases are being built what do you make of such expansion the ignore it just demonstrates again the ignorance of the united states government in terms of its political leadership about what what what our problem is in the muslim world the key point of formation for al qaeda was the presence of u.s. military forces on the arabian peninsula fifteen years after they declared war on us we're now going to take people out of iraq and put them in kuwait and bahrain and saudi arabia reinforcing our present. in the arab peninsula only going to cause
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us more falls and more enemies in the islamic world. everywhere yes it's going to be the end it certainly would the terrorists the glue of unity that keeps them focused on the united states if we weren't the main enemy they would be attacking israel they would be attacking the saudis they would be attacking the moroccans the war would be. let them go as long as we're side by side with the with the saudis and with the israelis we're stuck in the middle east in america will continue to bleed.
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discovery. with the want to. see what nature can give you.
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close up team has been. technological breakthroughs save human lives. our team goes to the sea. and usually ways to protect nature. or farming pioneer place local cuisine to the highest pitch. for future developments depends on the way. russia flows up on our. from los angeles to chicago to birmingham twenty trauma centers have closed since two thousand severe problem is not enough inpatient beds not enough urgency department beds and not enough nurses commandos to take care of all the
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people who know the only real health care system that we have in the city of los angeles is the los angeles fire department in fact when i started my ventures a firefighter i didn't want to carry around so i started out running just to firefighting it's about eighty two percent of what we do the fire departments medical. data risk you couple weeks i waited for hours for i've waited sometimes three hours and i was it's a same francis in lynnwood for four hours and fifty minutes standing against a wall with patients and we have a federal law that mandates that you can't turn no one away who seeks care in an emergency room. we have the most expensive health care system in the world and it's probably valued the least.
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this is our top stories tonight says it will keep to its nuclear program denying claims in a new a nuclear watchdog sneaker poll that suggests building weapons experts are worried the study is just a pretext for a preemptive attack on iraq. the high price of education jools thousands of students back to the streets of london at least twenty activists have been arrested though police abstain from using rubber bullets despite earlier warnings that might . make the peacekeepers have used tear gas to take control of a serbian barricade recta the northern costs of it was the long lasting standoff in the region between kasal forces and locals can take. on the leaning tower of debts collapses on the city's pm but a skoda is probably resignation spot fresh market public and said growth is borrowing costs already. coming up so the income.


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